MER-C is for oceanlovers.

Our girls’ first love is music.  She also loves beaches, traveling, yoga, and romance.  She also respects the planet and believes sky’s the limit.

Mer-C naturally has an edgy attitude, with a nod to boho style, and is a lil’hippy at it’s core.

Mer in French means SEA, and the -C  stands for CLEAN.  Here at our headquarters in Biarritz France, we want to keep our oceans clean so we try to promote initiatives in our company practices. We support Surfriders and find ways to produce our beach apparel sustainably.

Mer-C together sounds like THANK-YOU in French, this is intentional.  We are a French company established in 2018.  Aycha ARAYA is the Creative Director of the brand and she has specifically designed beach apparel that represents the SOUTH WEST lifestyle she is grateful to have. Every season the collection represents a slice of life in our beloved Biarritz.

We hope you enjoy our blog posts, our clothes, our swimwear, and wetsuits. We also promote cool local artists and other brands that are sustainable too.  Please check out our links for surfboards, board accessories, yoga gear, and local talent.

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